Specialist in Military, Police & Civil Insignia.

Cedric Heys

I sell Military and Police Badges of the World. This includes British and Worldwide Army, Navy and Air Force badges.   I also sell Fire Brigade Badges, Medical Badges and General Collectable Badges of the World.

I specialise mainly in World Military and Police Badges and insignia.  I also list Fire Brigade, Nursing, Ambulance, Association badges, and Military Medals. All Police items are sold for collecting purposes only and must not be used in a connection with the commission of any criminal offence whatsoever.

In addition to Cap and Helmet badges I also sell, Collar badges and Shoulder badges in both Metal and Cloth. The majority of which are purchased from private collections.

All my items are original and authentic, and I back this up with a money back, 100% guarantee so long as the item is returned in the same condition as it was received.I am always willing to purchase any surplus items that you may have that do not fit your collection, but they must be authentic and not reproductions.